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Family in Your Indian Lake Community

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"Guess what? A volunteer from Junior Achievement came to my class! We talked about how people live and work together in a family. I'm learning how work helps me get the things I need and want. I can hardly wait to learn more!"

If this is the conversation around your dinner table tonight, smile and ask the kids about the first of five lessons in the program relating to Our Families in Junior Achievement at the Indian Lake Elementary School.

According to the lesson plan, the term "family" is defined as a special group of people that differ in size, age and relationship. Working with 6 and 7 year olds on the definition of family was very eye opening. Keeping in mind that all families are different, I received several different types of answers, all which were very accurate but the main perception being, whether it be folks you live with, work with or socialize with, family is what you make it.

Our next exercise was to list all of the things we like to do with our families including baseball, golf, fishing, bike riding and archery. We discussed how important it is to help your family out and how it makes us feel when we do. We then browsed our neighborhood poster and pointed out all the families working together helping one another and how that makes our neighborhood a great place to live.

Indian Lake Outfitters was formed as a family business and continues to grow because of the support from our community. We invite you to come in as a customer and leave as a friend. You're always welcome to join our family, make yourself at home and be part of something greater.

We sure appreciate those of you that do.

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