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Farmers and Hunters Feed the Hungry in Logan County

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Have you ever heard the term FHFH? Are you a hunter or a farmer? Have you ever considered donating your harvest? Did you know there's a local chapter in Logan County? 

So many questions, all with the same mission. "People across America who struggle with food insecurity are often desperate for meat and protein items. FHFH gives nutritious meat to feeding programs and ministries that help those in need by paying local butcher shops to process deer and livestock that are donated by farmers and hunters".

How FHFH Works... 


FHFH, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, is a national organization that operates on a local level through area chapters. The Logan County OH-38 Chapter is composed of the coordinator, Brenda Moots, local processor, Floyd Brenner, several county food pantries and YOU, the hunter that chooses to donate your deer to feed the hungry.  

Hunters in some parts of the country are able to harvest more deer than they can eat or share with their friends and family. Farmers are issued management permits to reduce deer numbers that are damaging their crop yields. Some also have livestock they are willing to donate.


Farmers and hunters are invited to donate their deer, other big game, or livestock to inspected, approved meat processors that participate with FHFH.  Individuals, businesses, churches, clubs and foundations make contributions to FHFH to help cover the costs of processing, packaging and freezing the meat.


This nutritious, low fat, high protein meat is then given to community agencies such as church pantries, church feeding ministries, the Salvation Army, community food banks, emergecy assistance programs, rescue missions, or children's home to distribute or serve to their clients. 


Just today, our county chapter has been fortunate enough to donate to three food pantries right here in Logan County for the holiday season from your generous donations this hunting season. 

Please keep FHFH in mind for your next harvest and consider donating your deer. Your deer donation to the meat processor is free of charge to you as the donor. Should you wish to make a charitable contribution to the county chapter, FHFH is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. 

Thank you again for feeding the hungry and proving meals for a neighbor or friend in your local community this holiday season. 

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