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Indian Lake Outfitters and the Jersey Cow

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Whether you're at Young's Jersey Dairy for the Farmstead Cheese, yummy food from the Golden Jersey Inn or the Dairy Store or maybe just the family fun pass and the cowlendar of events, there's a lot to be learned from the family owned business that started in 1869. Your children can relate to the farm animals, Cowvin's Kiddie Corral and the tractor play yard, Udders and Putters miniature golf or Elsie's driving range and giant slide.

The dairy farm is an educational and interesting experience to say the least. Not only do you get to explain to your kids where hamburger and milk comes from, they get to try 50 flavors of ice cream during the process, but only after you've expressed the need to use the hand sanitizer for the hundreth time at the petting zoo and the porta-johns.

What do all these have in common? They're branded to the jersey cow! Even the concrete miniature photo opportunities and jungle gym structures you find around the farm are unique but if you had to guess, you better bet they're placed with reason and have an overall purpose at the farm.

When #TeamILO is out-and-about, we're always trying to pick up ideas to brand and grow our business and local community. If you're looking for a unique local day out, come try our Archery Range Experience. Just like Young's Jersey Dairy,Indian Lake Outfitters is branded on family and fun. Bring your buddy or drag the kids along and come fling some arrows in our outdoor range! The equipment and instruction are included so all novice shooters are welcome. Our equipment is compatible for ages 5 and older and our family business is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am-6pm for your family entertainment.

Call us at 937-842-1934 to schedule your visit or book it on the web now!

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