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Man Cans at Indian Lake Outfitters

Brenda Moots

Who's heard of Hart Main, one of the Huffington Post's Favorite Entrepreneurs of 2011? And rightfully so - he's a young entrepreneur with a mission.

We stumbled across Hart's product, Man-Cans, at another local retailer and we quickly fell in love with the concept. We fell so hard, we decided to carry them in our store. Who doesn't want a candle that smells of gun powder, Grandpa's pipe, sawdust or even a campfire? Several of Hart's scents are now available at Indian Lake Outfitters!

As you read above, Man-Cans are made inside an actual soup can purchased from a local grocer. The soup is donated to kitchens all across the area to help those in need. The label is removed from the can and then made into a candle scented with "manly" appeal, like dirt or fresh cut grass.

For each candle purchased from Indian Lake Outfitters that accompanies an unopened can of soup, you will receive a dollar off the price of your candle.

We're on a mission to help Hart continue his - One Candle, One Meal

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