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Wanting To Become A Hunting Statistic

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A Statistic?! EEEKKK...

You've heard a large part of your life, through the following phrases, that being a statistic can be viewed as a negative image. "You should have higher expectations and goals" "Get up early and earn your way" "Work hard" "Overcome diversity".

If you're a hunter, you know where I'm going with this... it's disappointing to NOT BE a statistic during season!   

Deer gun season typically fairs well for most hunters. My first opening day, I desperately wanted to be one of those hunters. I wanted to be a statistic! To put meat in the freezer, share my story and post awesome photos of my trophy.

As you can see, based on the pictures in the blog, I was not successful in harvesting, however, I didn't view the experience as a failure and actually gained more respect for the sport and those that are fortunate enough to harvest. 

Unlike my hunting partners, I'm not a morning person on any level but when 4am came on opening day, I was the first one up when the alarm went off. (Yes, that's a first in history for those of you that know me!). I began shuffling about, getting excited and feeling pumped about the morning. We had the truck loaded and headed to our favorite hunting spot. As we got closer, I could feel the excitement build and all kinds of thoughts raced thru my head.

Upon arrival, reality set in on how difficult a hunt can truly be and the trying moments began to build and compound throughout the day. I realize I'm more scared of the dark than I ever thought, I get lost in the woods on the way to the stand, my arms are aching from all the gear I'm carrying, although I'm wearing layers of clothing in freezing cold temps, I'm sweating from being out of shape and my feet feel like cement bricks from walking in large insulated boots. Have you noticed all this is even before we get to the stand?!

The fun continues as we finally get situated 20 feet in the air. It's cold, it's dark, I've been awake for three hours and now have to pee. I can't talk to anyone or the deer will hear me, I can't move around or the deer will see me. I can't entertain myself in today's society because there's no wifi! Thank goodness it's almost legal shooting time and we can get this show on the road, right? WRONG!

We don't see a deer to save our lives but we're hearing shots of envy all around us! I've now been awake like 5 hours and I can't take it any longer. I'm so out of my daily routine and fast-paced environment, the only thing I know to do is take a nap! Yes, I said it! I admit it! I fell asleep in the deer stand on opening day of my first ever gun hunt, but let me redeem myself by saying, I didn't miss a damn thing except the rain! For the next 90 minutes I'm "relaxing" in the woods, it did nothing but rain, on us, in the stand, with no roof.

At this point, you have to be doing one of two things, laughing at the situation, or totally relating! A couple more hours go by, in the cold, drizzly rain, still not seeing any movement and hearing shots of continuous envy. By this time, my bladder is about to explode AND I'm hungry. I hold tight a little bit longer until I realize I've forgotten a very important business matter that has to be dealt with or I'll totally crumble and my world will fall apart around me. At least that's how devastating it seemed at that moment. Because of that, I convince my hunting partners to take a break and grab some grub at the local fast food joint and I can take care of business.

I'm not one to accept defeat and majority of the time, like a good challenge so I'm all in for more fun thinking the afternoon could be totally different. I was sure to be a gun hunting week statistic! We've been scouting the property for months, watching trail cams, and we know the area gets more activity in the early evening. I put my can-do attitude back on and we head out to the woods.  

I'll spare you all the boring details of the next several hours ... rain .. nap ... shots of continuous envy ... more rain ... more napping ... more shots around us. It was almost like a replay of the morning and I felt as though I was in my own "Groundhog Day" movie. As it got closer to dark and I couldn't see any longer, or sleep anymore, so I finally called "uncle" and threw in the towel. After twelve hours of hunting, we packed up and walked back to the truck. 

You see, as a hunter, we get up early, we work hard, we overcome diversity, we set expectations and we desperately want to be that harvest hunting statistic. For me, it wasn't my time and I bless abundance for those who were successful. With that, we'd love nothing more than for you to share your hunt photos with us! 

Indian Lake Outfitters is located at 115 East Lake Street in Downtown Lakeview, from 10am-6pm Tuesday thru Saturday. 

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