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"We're in the People Business"

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Our friend has this line that she likes to say and it goes like this... "We're in the People Business". (There's more to it than that, but it comes later.)

The cool thing about our friend, and Indian Lake Outfitters, is that we're in the people business too. Although we're selling worms for a living and Carrie is selling insurance, the most important part of either is YOU. With out YOU as loyal customers we couldn't do what we enjoy on a daily basis and we surely couldn't do it well.

If you haven't figured it out, our friend's name is Carrie, sometimes referred to as the Insurance Goddess. Carrie works at Alan Galvez Insurance where she sells all different forms of insurance on the personal and commercial level. Visit their website, for amazing resources like their informational newsletter, Q and A about insurance, a comprehensive terms glossary, latest agency news or read the blog - Confessions of an Insurance Goddess.

Again, we as Indian Lake Outfitters can share another common point with Galvez Insurance...we're both family owned and operated businesses in Logan County. We understand the importance of being rooted, having a local agent, someone you can trust, and someone that knows your situation. Galvez Insurance is just that, the reason we'd like to refer them to you.

How cool is this?! When you call Carrie for a quote, tell her we sent you and you'll receive another AWESOME reward, a $10 gift card to either Sweet Aromas or 600 Downtown, two other local businesses in Logan County. That's it! No gimmicks or strings attached.

So here's the rest of Carrie's line, "We're in the People Business. We just happen to sell insurance." While at Indian Lake Outfitters, we ask you to "Release Your Inner Outdoors" but you'll probably hear "We've got Worms" a lot more often!

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