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About #TeamILO

Wow, About #TeamILO? Typically a unique and raw discussion, if you're interested, we are certainly willing to share.  

Indian Lake Outfitters began in 2008 as a .com business with a huge vision to grow. Dreams of growth personally with the family and creating financial support; publicly with multiple locations and several employees; professionally as a community leader and supporter. Big hopes and dreams from a crazy, headstrong gal with shallow pockets and the belief she was a local Wonder Woman, all seriously based on a whim to save a personal relationship that was hanging by a thread.

From a young age, she always said she wanted to own a business and never cared what she sold. One of her first ideas was a sock shop, that was quickly shot down at the age of 16 when her current employer shared the reality of numbers needed to create a healthy bottom line. Years later, she eventually fell into the outdoor industry through the relationship she was hoping to save. 

Like most individuals, her deeper journey has highs and lows. Some ending in defeat, many a lesson learned the hard way, and a few successes, that know matter how bad things seemed, she'd never trade for the world.   

You see, visions and dreams change and growth comes in many different packages. What remains the same for this Wonder Woman is the drive to stay alive, passion for whatever she is working on, and the urge to surround herself with people who want to be a part of her infectious smile and contagious attitude for excitement.  

What started in 2008 finally blossomed into a family owned business with an actual storefront location in Downtown Lakeview, a short block away from Beautiful Indian Lake. Indian Lake Outfitters is now a complete outdoor retailer enthusiast duo of Brenda Moots and Brian Holder.  Allow their passion to meet yours with hunting, fishing, camping, archery and firearms.

#TeamILO is Indian Lake Outfitters! 

Other Questions About Us might include:

  • Who are you: Indian Lake Outfitters, LLC
  • Why do you sell the items you sell: We're outdoor folks who enjoy archery and firearms and the occasional fishing. We have a passion for small town business to shop and support local. 
  • Where are you located: 115 E Lake Street, Lakeview, Ohio 43331
  • How long you have been in business: 9 years
  • Who are the people on your team: Brenda Moots & Brian Holder
  • Contact information: or via phone 937-842-1934
  • Social links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 

For your outdoor enjoyment, we're open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am-6pm all year long at 115 E Lake Street, Lakeview, Ohio 43331.